Traversing the Dark Valley of Loss Part 2



“He makes me lie down in green pastures, He leads beside quiet waters, He refreshes my soul.” Psalm 23:2-3a

It’s interesting as I begin writing this blog the thunder came all at once and a nice steady downpour is happening at this very moment.  How fitting to have that background refreshing noise as I focus on the next part of this series, resting in God.  The first point of Psalm 23 is always remember God is our shepherd, He will not allow us to lack anything.  As we traverse the dark valley of loss, to lift us out of this depression we also need to rest in God.  Rest implies inactivity, as we will see in the next part that is not rest.  Resting in God means to know He is in charge, and He will bring good out of this terrible loss you have experienced.  My best friend who I mentioned last week has 10 children; I am focused on the fact that each of the 10 kids has an element of him in them.  With that idea I can never be without him being in my life.  I told his wife that she has 10 reminders of him and she will never be alone.  Good if we look for it can come out of any tragic event in our lives.  It takes trust and using your God eye to identify it.

He makes me lie down in green pastures; this is an interesting part of the passage.  The first thing God does for us is He makes us hit a wall.  There is no choice here, you will hit a wall of grief like you have never known, it’s so true.  With that wall though comes the release you need, it helps you deal with the loss.  Different people react to grief in many ways.  Some need a breakdown of crying.  Some are a little more conservative in their grief.  Some people try not to acknowledge their grief.  The last one can be destructive in the long run, you need to release.  He makes us lie down in green pastures.  The shepherd will make the sheep graze in a pasture to feed off the land.  Grief is a learning process and when we hit that wall we need to feed off that release we experience.  That feed is where God comforts us and shows us the spin of the good.  God will make you lie down in green pastures.

God as our shepherd will next lead us beside quiet waters.  We need food; we get that with grass and feed off the release we get from grief. God will comfort us after the grief with water we need.  We will get this with people who pray for our peace, who do things to help us, who give us strength by being there for us.  We should never take for granted those who want to be there for us when we are dealing with this hurt.  Always show gratitude to everyone who helps you with this pain.  God will quench the thirst of comfort that grief will bring after we feed off the release.

We get fed, we drink, and we get refreshed.  He will refresh your soul.  Remember like God we have been created as a trinity, a body, a spirit, and a soul.  The body of course is you physical being.  The spirit is God’s Holy Spirit that is within you if you are a believer.  The soul is your psyche, your emotions, your mind.  With time the pain will subside.  That’s why David uses this Psalm as a journey.  God is leading us to different areas to get us past the depression.  The thing we need to remember is to accept His comfort instead of doing negative things to our lives.  For me I look for comfort in food.  Over my two years of depression I went from being very picky with what I ate, to loosening up my godly provided ideals to feed the comfort I desired; when all along I could have found my rest in Him.  I now am feeding off my grief, and learning to deal with grief in a more positive manner, writing this blog is a big part of my healing.  God is refreshing my soul as I write this.  Mind you in a perfect world we will deal with grief right away, for some of us it takes time.  I am not condemning my behavior or excusing it.  I am saying that we need to allow God to refresh us and that sometimes that takes time and time is a healer.  Like all things in life, it’s a journey.

God makes us grieve, He quenches our thirst for comfort, and He always refreshes our soul.

© [David Howard], [David’s Body Temple] 2016


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