Charlie Mike So You Can Mike Charlie

Becoming a Navy SEAL: Lessons in Survival - Planet Wild
Navy Seals getting “wet and sandy” during training.

I occasionally listen to the Julian Michael’s podcast to get trainer tips from time to time. The show is fun and I learn some heathy things that she talks about on the show. One show in particular she started talking about the concept of Charlie Mike. She was going through a difficult time in recording her new show and came to a point where she didn’t like where it was going, but could do nothing about it. One of her cohosts who is a former Navy Seal gave her some great advice, he told her to Charlie Mike it. Charlie Mike is an acronym for continue mission. The Navy Seals are trained to continue the mission no matter how bad it’s going. This is a lesson we can apply to our own lives when some circumstance we come up against makes our safe simple circumstance we were hoping for get a little complicated. There are several viewpoints to our lives that we can use Charlie Mike to Mike Charlie, which is acronym for mission complete.
The first is our vocational life, what is your life work? We are at the most professional when we use Charlie Mike in our jobs. Just recently, I experienced a setback on a day I fully expected to be short, but it ended up being longer than anticipated. As a second job to help me as I build my business, I run inventories for a large third party inventory company. I was told that I was only to count the pharmacy part of the store, not the floor of the store. When I got there, I was told by the buyer that they were going to buy everything in the shop. I used Charlie Mike in this situation and came through it looking more professional. The test came when I let two auditors go because we were down to the last two areas and we were going to be too much on top of each other to count effectively. I let them leave and then was hit with 7 more boxes of drugs to be counted. Instead of complaining and getting angry, decided to keep on mission and finish the job. It worked; I was less stressed out and ended up with a perfect inventory rating after the job was done. It’s all in our choices.
The next viewpoint is our health life. Sometimes we get to a certain age and think that’s it, I can’t lose those pounds. That was the case with me. I thought that once I got in my forties, I would be stuck with the 449 pounds for the rest of my life. The truth is I was able to Charlie Mike it because that weight was killing me, literally. Fear can be a great motivator toward the courage we need to change. Although I think anyone, who wants to get fit because they want to and not because of the grim reaper is knocking at their door gets my full respect and they are more of an inspiration than what I had to do.
The final viewpoint is the most important and that is spiritual. Charlie Mike applies to our spiritual life as well. I am trying to build a personal trainer business and if there is one thing I am learning in God’s will is it takes time. Prayer and patience are two qualities we need for Charlie Mike to get to Mike Charlie. Prayer to God gets us through those tough times that we can have when life just happens; where circumstances can seem grim. Patience through these times can finally put away all the fears that can crop up as we go through them.
We can Charlie Mike it or continue the mission in these three aspects of our lives, with our vocation, our health life, and our spiritual life. Life is too short to allow anger, and fear to keep us from getting to mission complete or Mike Charlie.

© [David Howard], [David’s Body Temple], 2011-2015


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