Climbing the Mountain Part 7: Peacemaking 101

“Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called children of God.”~Matthew 5:9

“First keep peace with yourself, then you can also bring peace to others.”~Thomas a KempisPeace and Love Flower Power Groovy Psychedelic Notebook Doodles Set Stock Vector - 17149785

The seventh be attitude that Jesus talks about is that of peacemakers.  As we ascend the mountain, we have to have peace with our bodies for us to make it to the top.  Thomas a Kempis was an early 15th century monk, priest, writer, and theologian.  The Imitation of Christ was a famous Christian devotional book that he was credited for writing.  It’s not known for sure if he was the author.  He lived a peaceful life in a monastery, so he understood what the power of peace could bring to people’s lives.  Peace is God’s greatest work in our lives.  He helps us to achieve this peace when we are on His path for our lives.  As I write this blog, I am sitting here watching the Super Bowl, and I have a belly full of junk food that is irritating my stomach.  That is not peace with my body.  As I watch some of these the greatest athletes play a physically grueling game, I am seeing quiet confidence in action.  Peace is quiet confidence that begins on the inside.  Some think of it as cockiness, but it really isn’t, if you are at peace with yourself, you are able to spread that peace to others.  Cockiness is fake confidence that has no backing.  When we aim for peace in our lives, we are imitating God in wanting peace to happen.  I like to think of personal training as helping people find peace with their bodies.  God always turns a bad situation into good especially for His children.  A peacemaker has several traits.

The first trait is being a humble and gentle person.  You can have the quiet confidence of piece in your life if you are humble and gentle.  Humility is knowing who you are in Christ and not flaunting it and being all spiritual about it.  You may be an amazing athlete or a great at something, but you don’t parade it in people’s faces, you just are you.  An example of fake humility is when someone gives you a compliment and you get all spiritual and say it was God that did it.  Yes, God may have been part of it, but you made the decision to make the steps to do it.  A simple thank you is all that is needed.  Gentleness is having a light spirit that is life giving to those around you.  It’s a strength that brings encouragement to others.  Humility and gentleness are always part of a peacemaker.

Trait number two is patience.  It takes patience to make peace.  When peace is in progress, there is always opposition that the enemy will use against you.  Being patient during these times will keep us on that road to peace.  The old saying haste makes waste is very true.  When can make hasty decisions when we are facing opposition, we are putting our will over that of God’s will.  Jesus when He was becoming overwhelmed with a tough prayer before He was arrested said; “Your will, not my will be done.”  Surrendering to patience is a hard pill to swallow sometimes, but is chief in the peace process.

The next trait is my favorite, unconditional love. There are no conditions for true peace.  Conditions make expectations; expectations will bring discord when aiming for peace.  You may think that I am saying to have low expectations, even if you have low expectations you still have them.  I’m saying have no expectations.  Peace is so easy when we don’t have expectations to begin with and it makes us forgiving people.  Unconditional is all about having a forgiving spirit rather than having an unforgiving spirit.

The last is unity with other brothers and sisters.  Peace comes about when we are in agreement with each other.  I’m not saying we are going to agree all the time, and when disagreement happens, unconditional love comes into play.  Agreeing to disagree is a way to end a dispute and find unity.  Unity is making our own bright light join with other bright lights that become a super bright light in the darkness of the world.  Unity is powerful and a product of peace.

Blessed are the peacemakers for they shall be imitators of God, which is a good thing.  Peacemakers are humble and gentle, they have patience, unconditional love, and a unifying spirit knitted with other believers.  As Thomas a Kempis said, peace starts with you, and then spreads to others.  Be an awesome peacemaker, it’s a great be attitude.

© [David Howard], [David’s Body Temple], 2011-2015.


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