Climbing the Mountain Part 2: The Harness of Comfort

“Blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted.”~Matthew 5:4What is the best climbing harness for traditional alpine ...

The next be attitude that Jesus talks about is that of mourning.  Mourning is feeling pain over loss.  At the top of the loss scale, is the loss of a loved one.  When we think of mourning that is what we think of, but loss of a job, any kind of loss at all, will cause mourning.  Over the last year I experience loss on a completely new level, I lost three friends I loved and a great dog.  I’m faced with losing both my parents that are in their 80’s; that will be hard to deal with.  Jesus gives us the encouragement we need to go on though.  I think for every loss we have of a loved one, it gives us more capacity to love even more, and then the larger the loss the greater the opening in your heart.  Jesus gives us that comfort of loving even greater.  Another tool that helps us to climb a mountain is a harness.  I would qualify the comfort of we can get from mourning as the harness.  It keeps us steady on the way up, but can be painful when we falter.  I quoted Amy from the Biggest Loser last week, but correction, it was Jen.  I guess she looks like an Amy; anyway, her quote continues to hold up here, love, or fear.  Some people when they experience loss cannot get past it and so fall into the fear factor.  If you focus on the love, you will keep moving forward and upward to the top of the mountain.

The first comfort that mourning if we allow it can provide is the one I listed above, you have a greater capacity for love.  As we grow in our Christian life, our heart grows along with us.  It gets bigger, but what loss does is it gives it capacity.  Capacity gives us room for more to love.  What fear does is it keeps us from having new incredible relationships that God wants us to have.  Fear keeps you from connecting with people because of loss.  This is the number one comfort.

The next comfort we get from mourning is life is precious.  One of the reminders that it gives us is to make sure we tell people we love that we love them.  Don’t let someone you love pass without sharing this with them.  I am always transparent with my heart and if you are my friend you will know I love and care about you.  It’s so important because when life comes to an end in this worlds realm, we can limit so much pain when we are not working with regret.

The last comfort we get is discovery.  We discover who has our back and who doesn’t.  Sometimes this can set into motion another type of mourning and that is knowing who really truly cares and loves you.  The comfort or the good that comes from loss is that you know who is closest to you and deserves your attention more so than those that really don’t come through for you.  Empathy goes a longer way than does sympathy.  Sympathy is more surface level and is I’m sorry for your loss, that’s great.  Empathy is in a deeper level and this friend mourns alongside you and is there for moral support and emotional strength.

There are three comforts that Jesus provides for us when we are mourning loss.  We first are comforted with the idea of more capacity to love.  The next is we realize life is a precious commodity.  The final is that we discover who loves us the most and is there to support us in the deepest way they can.  The comfort from mourning is the harness we use to get us up the mountain.

© [David Howard], [David’s Body Temple], 2011-2015.


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  1. Your such a loving and compassionate man. Thanks David for sharing insight to get us to be more like Jesus!

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