Climbing the Mountain Part 1: Hopes For Ropes

“Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.”~Matthew 5:3Craggy Gardens

I thought I would begin this year of blogging with a series called Climbing the Mountain.  The famous Sermon on the Mount was, I believe, on the mountain for a reason.  With being on top of a mountain, you can see for miles around, it’s an exhilarating experience.  Some mountains are easy to climb to the top; others are very much the challenge and can cost you your life if you are not prepared for the tough climb.  Jesus gave us the Sermon on the Mount to help us climb to the top of the mountains in our spiritual life.  He begins with the most important tool to climb with and they are the carabiners and crampons.  These are the different hooks a climber uses to help anchor the rope as the climber ascends.  The beatitudes are the blessings that Jesus gives in a list.  To me a beatitude is just that, a be attitude.  It’s an attitude you take in life.  The first one we will focus on today is the poor in spirit.  God when He created us, created us in His own image, father, son, and spirit.  We are a trinity as well, we have a mind, a body, and we should have a spirit.  What is missing when Adam sinned is the spirit part.  The carabiners and crampons are the spirit part that helps us ascend the mountain.

When you are poor in spirit, it means you are aware of your shortcoming of not having a spirit man within you.  Jesus died a horrible death to pay the price for what Adam gave away when he failed in the garden.  You are blessed when you are poor in spirit because that’s when you receive your spirit man, provided by God.  You can make better decisions in your life when you have the spirit of God within you.  Favor follows you and a closer walk with God.

The next blessing we receive is the kingdom of heaven.  We have our eternal home being prepared for us here on earth.  Eternal life begins the day we take our trust in the world and ourselves and put it in Jesus.  This helps us to live up to the other Beatitudes.  That’s why understanding we are poor in spirit is the thing that holds us to the rope going up the mountain.  I have climbed some literal mountains in my life, I have walked up mountains, I have driven up mountains.  Sometimes spiritual mountains are easy to climb, but sometimes they are hard.  With my spirit man full in my life, I was able to climb the mountain of losing all my weight and changing my life around.  That’s trust in Jesus, but it’s also making the effort to show trust.

Another blessing and the last one I want to talk about is tapping into the power of unconditional love.  If there is one bit of knowledge of the Lord that I think is the most important to understand, it’s unconditional love.  If you can grasp love, you can grasp anything.  I was watching the Biggest Loser the other night and the trainer Amy said something incredible, she said that if you come from a position of fear you can’t do anything, but if you come from a position of love you will achieve all dreams.  Unconditional love makes dreams happen.  If you tap into your spirit man, you will find how unconditionally to love God, people, and yourself.

The poor in spirit are blessed with knowledge of their shortcomings of not having a spirit.  The poor in spirit are blessed with eternal life, the kingdom of heaven.  Finally, the poor in spirit are blessed with understanding unconditional love.  You have the best tool to help you climb spiritual mountains within you, the Holy Spirit, your spirit man.

© [David Howard], [David’s Body Temple], 2011-2015.


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