Charisma: You Were Born With These Gifts: Leadership

“If God has given you leadership ability, take the responsibility seriously.”`Romans 12:8change of leadership in our own backyard

“A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way.”~John C. Maxwell

“In my life I had always finished the race.”~Louis Zamperini

The next personality trait that God wants us to have, but is stronger in some than others, is leadership.  Some people are just born leaders, the rest of us have to stretch ourselves to become the leader God wants us to be.  We need to be leaders in this world.  In the above quote by Louis Zamperini, is very true, he always finished the race.  He was a World War II vet that was shot down and had to spend 47 days at sea and then was eventually captured by the Japanese.  The movie Unbroken is a riveting account of Zamperini’s life and shows the fortitude and leadership of a naturally born leader.  One of the quotes I keep hearing from the movie trailer is, “If I can take it, I can make it.”  A leader may not win the race, but a leader never quits, a leader keeps on going.  A leader finishes the race and then is ready for the next race to run.  Paul says to lead responsibly.  A true leader never lords it over the people that follow him, but is always ready to serve his/her followers.  A leader gets his/her hands dirty alongside of the followers.  Great leadership is in the balance between arrogance and lack of self-esteem.  Arrogance takes leadership too far and lack of self-esteem always makes you a follower, never willing to take faith steps into the path God wants you to lead.  John C. Maxwell a preacher turned motivational speaker has incredible books on leadership, I love his quote, which will be my outline for this blog, a leader knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way.

A leader knows the way by prior planning.  He or she will do their homework.  Knowledge is important for a leader, but life keeps him humble.  The world will tell you knowledge is the most important thing, wrong, knowledge is important only when you use it with wisdom.  Life experience supersedes knowledge of any kind.  Being a life giving people person can allow you to use knowledge more responsibly as Paul is telling us to do.  A leader knows the way by using his or her life experience and the wisdom gained to employ that knowledge.

A leader goes the way.  If you are a leader, you are an example, a person of inspiration.  The only way you can inspire someone is if you are being an example yourself.  Some people think this means you need to be a perfect example; that is just not the case.  We all are human after all and can and will make mistakes.  Just because you are a leader, you don’t have to pretend to be perfect.  Politicians I think would have much more respect of the people and greater support if they would own up to their failures.  Strength comes from failure if you turn that failure around and make it a positive experience, positive that you won’t make it again and you will do better the next time around.

A leader shows the way.  Risk is taking a faith step toward your destiny as a leader.  Leaders should be the most faith-filled people on the planet.  Confidence with a determined effort leads the way to know and go.  Knowing and going brings you to showing the way.  Showing the way is giving your knowledge and wisdom to someone else to take the reins from you.  A great leader makes carbon copies of him or her to be prepared for the next faith step he needs to make.  It takes a lot of faith to delegate, but it frees up a leader to do more things for the betterment of the company or organization.

A leader knows, goes, and shows the way to a better day.  Consider this, are you being a leader where you are today?  Is there an opportunity to lead from where you are and your situation?  God wants us all to be leaders; just some have the trait more than others do.  Leading responsibly is with knowing what to do, going in the right direction, and showing others the right direction.

© [David Howard], [David’s Body Temple], 2011-2015.


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