Charisma: You Were Born With These Gifts: Teaching

If you are a teacher, teach well.  Romans 12:7

A good teacher can inspire hope, ignite the imagination, and instill a love of learning.~Brad HenryRoyalty-Free (RF) Teacher Clipart Illustration #1151891 by Melisende ...

The above quote by the former Governor of Oklahoma Brad Henry is pretty telling of what a teacher does.  This is the next personality trait that you may have a focus on in your life.  Remember we are all born with these traits, but some are stronger in our personalities than others are.  When we allow Jesus to come into our lives these traits become more alive in our hearts and minds.  Teaching is one of the most powerful traits, it shapes how we think, it shows us how to do things.  Without great teachers, we would not have great people and leaders.  Let’s discuss the three aspects of what makes a good teacher, then we will talk about the one aspect that makes a teacher great.

The first idea that Brad Henry talks about is how a teacher can inspire hope.  I can look back at how I had such a difficult time with college level writing.  The professor I had would give me D’s and C’s on my papers all the time.  She would make me work harder, and the harder I worked, the grades would never change, I would get a D or a C.  Finally, I reached the end of the semester and to my surprise, I got a B in the class.  I finally had to ask her later on if it was a mistake.  She said no, I deserved that B, the D’s and C’s were to motivate me to a higher level of writing that I was capable of doing.  That blew me away, but it wouldn’t be until years later that God would show me that I should write a lot more and I am thankful for an encouraging friend to make me realize how much I love writing.  The point was she inspired hope in me and the encouragement was not for back then, it was for right now.  Teachers use hope to inspire us to dream big dreams and accomplish great goals in our lives if they are a good teacher.

The next aspect is a teacher can ignite our imagination.  A good teacher inspires hope, but with hope, we use our imagination to shoot for the dream we are seeking.  God has dreams for us, so a gifted teacher is going to aim us towards those types of dreams.  Imagination is the beginning of a dream, and can change in an instant with a closed door.  Failure becomes reality when we quit trying, and not find an open door of opportunity that God will provide for us.  Hope inspires the imagination we need to find the dream.

The last idea is to instill in us the love of learning.  I can identify with this; I must have had some good teachers in my life, because I love learning new things every day.  Gaining knowledge is important toward any dream.  You have to know what you are going to become.  Taking steps toward a dream are a way of showing faith.

The first three aspects are what make a good teacher, but what makes a great teacher is example.  A great teacher is a great example to the people that person is teaching.  They know the subject matter completely and live it to it’s full potential.  My college English professor was a great example because she was so passionate about writing.  I wish the love of writing hit me earlier in life when I could have done possibly more.  The thing I have to remember is that God’s timing is impeccable and we always have more chances later in life to make a difference in our sphere of influence.

The teacher trait is and incredible trait that can change people’s lives.  Teachers inspire hope, ignite imagination, instill the love to learn, and if they are great, they are an example to us.

© [David Howard], [David’s Body Temple], 2011-2015.


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