Slow and Controlled

The lord is my rock, my fortress, and my savior;

my God is my rock, in whom I find protection.

He is my shield, the power that saves me,

and my place of safety.  Psalm 18:2

I was running with my running buddy Carrie the other day and we were discussing running up and down hills.  Being a personal trainer has some interesting terms that we use.  A couple of definitions we use are the concentric action and eccentric action.  I told Carrie that when we are running up hill that concentric action, force applied for the shortening of the muscle.  Running down hill is eccentric action, force applied for the lengthening of the muscle.  With these actions, we use different muscle groups in our legs.  I told her as an example when we do an arm curl with a weight, the upward movement is the concentric action; the downward is the eccentric action.  Any good personal trainer will tell you that in eccentric action we have to be slow and controlled, we don’t want to run down the hill uncontrollably, neither do we want to drop the weight fast.  The reason we want to be slow and controlled is that we get more benefit from the other muscles in our legs and our arms.  There is also a life lessons in this simple rule as well, and that is God’s timing is slow and controlled.  We can’t control His timing by more prayer, by reading our bible more, or even trying to be more spiritual, God’s timing is God’s timing.  There is always a purpose in it.  Just as you trust you muscles to hold that weight or from keeping you from falling down, you have to trust God and His timing.

The above scripture has some great principles to remember as we are waiting on God to do His always-awesome plan in our lives.  The first principle is that God is our rock.  He protects us with a firm foundation.  When we are doing exercise as mentioned above, we protect ourselves by having a firm foundation with good balance.  Running or even an arm curl needs a firm foundation to do the exercise.  God always gives us the best protection with a firm foundation that is found in His word.  We live a more balanced life when we keep that foundation principle of reading His awesome word.

Not only is He our firm foundation, but He is our shield.  He is the stronghold around our strongholds we that we can develop over time.  As a trainer it’s my job to keep you from bad habits that can result in injury.  Bad habits in our spiritual life can happen and when they do, we give a foothold to our enemy.  God will keep us and shield us from the bad habits that we can get ourselves into.  He in His wisdom will slowly remove these from our lives.  Patience is the operative word here.

He is our foundation, our shield and finally He is our place of safety.  A trainer not only watches your action, he is there to keep you from injury.  When you fall out of balance in the routine you might be doing, he is there to assist to make sure you don’t get hurt.  Bench press assistance would be a great example, when you can’t get the weight all the way up he is there to spot you and help you bring it all the way back up.  God is our safety as well; His favor fuels our life.  We have His favor because of the finished work Jesus did on the cross for us all.  God will not allow the barbell to fall on your neck or chest; He is going ahead of you and spotting for you.  He is our place of safety.

God is our foundation to keep us balanced, He is our shield from bad habits, and He is our safety from harm that may befall us.  God’s timing may be slow and controlled, but with patience, love and perseverance we will be on the right path for God’s plan for our lives.

© [David Howard], [David’s Body Temple], 2011-2015.


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