The 3 Points of Perseverance

The wicked bluff their way through,

but the virtuous think before they act.

No human wisdom or understanding or plan

can stand against the Lord.

The horse is prepared for the day of battle,

but the victory belongs to the Lord.  Proverbs 21:29-31

I get an email that I have been expecting for the last week that will tell me that I am now a certified personal trainer.  My dream for the last two years was to become a personal trainer to teach others how to become fit.  Some of you may know or not know that I overcame some major health issues by losing 242 pounds.  Now my dream that God has given me is to transfer that knowledge, that spiritual journey to others.  So, with excitement in my heart I quickly open the email only to find that the trainer I had been working with for the last 30 hours for internship was not the type of trainer that would work according to their criteria.  Imagine the anger, hurt and all the emotions that I went through at that moment.  My dream is postponed yet again, before it was due to lack of money for the education, now it’s because of an unclear requirement from my educator.  The “God why?” was answered a few hours before I read that email this morning.  God in His incredible wisdom shared with me the why and has shown me that no matter what, He has my back and is endorsing this dream that is not only my dream, but God’s will for my life.  The why of God is above in 3 verses from Proverbs that at the time I read them meant nothing to me until after I read that email and now they are everything.  God woke me up from a dead sleep to meditate on these verses and to write a friend that I am accountable to a meditation on these verses that ironically, not really ironic, was my personal trainer of choice.  She was able to use my own God given words to remind me of what God wanted me to know.  This was an unreal awesome experience I have had for a few short hours this morning.

The first verse has everything to do with patience.  Being virtuous means having patience.  Those that rush in guns a blazing are reckless in their faith and will have to bluff their way through a difficult situation.  When we are patient, we think about what our move is and how we get there, we are working God’s way.  God wants us to wait for Him, even though the thing you are dreaming of is God’s dream for your life as well, we should never move in our own power.  Patience is what God is teaching me in this new mountain and Goliath I am faced with.  Your plan needs to be God’s plan, and sometimes when you get there, it can be drastically different from what you originally envisioned.

The next verse talks about how our plans don’t hold up to God’s plans.  Our agenda should not be our agenda, but God’s agenda.  God’s perfect plan may not be easy to do, but when we get there, it gives Him all the glory.  Joseph comes to mind when I think about how he had that dream God gave him and all the negative things he had to go through to reach that dream and significant life.  This is a setback in my life, but it’s not insurmountable.  Just as David faced Goliath he was encouraged by God and reminded how God saw him through facing the lion and the bear.  I just need to be patient in my plan if I am on God’s plan.

Patient planning gets us prepared for the battle ahead.  Preparation has everything to do with going to battle with an idea of what the outcome is going to be.  I read about a Special Forces elite soldier that said the biggest things that can ensure your safety on the battlefield are patience and planning.  When that happens, we are prepared for anything we may face in the ensuing battle.

When we have patient planning, we are prepared for battle and know that God will have the ultimate victory in whatever our dream is.  These three points of perseverance will keep our determination moving forward in life.  I’ve not given up and God has given me 3 more months to get this dream done and a new and approved trainer to achieve my goal.  I look at it as needing additional training to make me the awesome empowering trainer He wants me to be.  Significance is all in the attitude of gratitude, always be thankful even for the tough lessons in life.

© [David Howard], [David’s Body Temple], 2011-2015.


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