Love Light Armor of God Part 6: Watch Your Head!

Put on salvation as your helmet…Ephesians:  6:17

The next part of God’s love light armor is the helmet.  The helmet is used of course to protect the head from a glancing blow from a sword, or a random fiery dart.  Paul uses salvation as the protector of our head.  Salvation is what Jesus did for us on the cross and He protects our mind, our psyche.  Temptation begins in the mind and if we continue to entertain it, it will fester long enough until we give into it.  It’s all in what we put our focus on, do we focus on our sin, or do we focus on God’s salvation.  The best out we have is to focus on what Jesus did for us and His great love.  Let’s think about some aspects of salvation that can help protect our head.

In warfare, the best defense we have is our brain.  When our head is protected, we also have the smarts to get ourselves out of trouble.  Temptation is just human nature and nothing to be ashamed about, but we also have the Holy Spirit there to show us the way out.  We should capture every thought that invades us that can be temping.  What does that look like?  There are several verses in the New Testament that point out how we should capture these thoughts with prayer.  Starting with a great prayer life can stop temptation in its tracks.  Jesus always told the disciples to stop and pray that they don’t give into temptation.  It’s also part of the Lord’s prayer, “lead us not into temptation.”  Prayer is the number one way we fight to keep our head in the battle.

The next way is using scripture.  Jesus when He was tempted three times in the desert always came back with a scripture verse.  Finding a verse that has everything to do with your weakness is a very powerful way to keep your head protected.  Jesus was first tempted with His physical needs, food.  Next, He was tempted with showing a purposeless miracle; each time the enemy would make the outcome seem more desirable.  The last was to give into and worship the enemy that would have given Jesus the world.  The enemy would use scripture’s and half-truths to lure Jesus to give in to the temptation, but Jesus always responded with the full truth.

Not only does temptation fill our thoughts, but negative thoughts can have a tendency to invade us as well.  We cannot blame the enemy for negative thoughts; those are ours to own.  Not to say he won’t capitalize on those negative thoughts.  That’s the difference between negative thoughts and temptation, who is doing the thinking?  You!  The cold hard truth is that we have these things within our heart and mind because of how we expose ourselves to the world.  Media these days is very much negative driven.  You cannot tune into a show these days without there being some kind of negative circumstance that is displayed.  Not to say they don’t turn it around for positive, but the subject matter is where we should draw the line in our lives.  We should be asking if this sort of “entertainment” is good for our thought life.  Media can suck the life out of you if you allow it to.  Changing our focus can bring those dark thoughts out of our being.

A strong helmet will keep you praying, reading the word and to capture negative thoughts before they continue.  Salvation is a process that is helped with a strong helmet on top of your head to keep your head focused on things above and what your godly dream may be.

© [David Howard], [David’s Body Temple], 2011-2015.


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