Love Light Armor of God Part 3: Guard Your Heart With Righteousness

Gothic Breastplate, late 1400s, steel, from It...
Gothic Breastplate, late 1400s, steel, from Italy. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Stand your ground, putting on the belt of truth and the body armor of God’s righteousness.  Ephesians: 6:14

Instead of using body armor other translations use breastplate.  The breastplate in Roman armor protects the upper body and most importantly the heart.  As I stated two weeks ago, the belt of truth holds up the body armor.  Truth holds things together and can protect the heart as well with the breastplate in place.  The breastplate is the next part of the armor talked about for a reason.  The belt of truth is first because it holds things together; the breastplate is second because we have to guard our hearts.  The heart is very important to guard because it’s the main source of our love light armor.  Without truth, righteousness is not held up for our protection.  When we understand God’s truth, righteous behavior is a direct result.

One of the best ways we can protect our heart is through righteous behavior.  Righteous behavior is those things that always can be small like taking care of yourself and your family or larger things like helping people out.  When you do good things, you really don’t have time to allow bad things into your life.  The breastplate of righteousness is that righteous behavior.  This is so awesome how our love light armor works with the rest of how we are.  Some examples of righteous behavior are small unspiritual things, taking care of your health, hygiene, going to the doctor.  These are examples of small things that need to be taken care of that are righteous acts.

Another way we are righteous is in helping people.  This may include just a smile at the right time to make someone feel better.  It may entail taking time to be inconvenienced to help someone with a flat tire.  Whatever it may involve, it will always be something that you may not want to do or even have time to do it.  The joy in it all is just doing it and see how it affects people.  People really don’t expect others who may not know them to do something positive and yet enjoy it.

The last way we are righteous, I alluded to in the last paragraph, which is to allow love to be a big part of your righteousness.  The best way to guard your heart is to allow the action of love to be a major part of your heart.  Intentional unconditional love is the love light armor of the heart.  I really believe when we keep to ourselves and are afraid to show love or to give love freely we put a wall up that really doesn’t protect our heart.  Bitterness can set in when we build walls up and not take a chance to be open with our hearts.  What keeps us from doing open action, is not really understanding the concept of unconditional love.  I always say if you can understand just a part of God’s love for us you are on your way to overflowing love into others’ lives.

The breastplate of righteousness that protects our heart is the act of being righteous.  We are righteous when we take care of ourselves, other people, and allow ourselves to give intentional unconditional love.  Protecting your heart doesn’t mean building up a wall, the best way to protect it is by giving unconditional love to those that don’t deserve it, when you do that you are being godly and a blessing to others.

© [David Howard], [David’s Body Temple], 2011-2015.


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