Life-Giver Rule #12: Attraction Builds Trust

It always protects, always trusts,… I Corinthians 13:7

Someone who thinks the world is always cheating him is right.  He is missing that wonderful feeling of trust in someone or something.~Eric Hoffer

Rule number 12 is trust for the life-giver.  A life-giver is always full of love and allows it to spill over into others.  They will easily trust someone until trust is broken.  Now I am not saying they trust everyone, but they allow the Holy Spirit to give them discretion.  When trust is broken they will have to refer back to rule number 9, forgiveness.  They forgive and move on, but trust that is broken will have to be rebuilt over time.  Eric Hoffer who gives us this awesome above quote was known as the longshoreman philosopher.  Before he became a great writer, he spent a lot of time being a longshoreman and was very poor.  He even contemplated suicide at one low point in his life.  When we talk about how he came up with that particular quote, he at an early age lost his sight when his mom fell down the stairs with him in her arms.  He was seven years old at the time.  His mom lived on for two more years, but never recovered.  She finally died from the injuries suffered.  He was blind and had to rely on others to help he get about.  That set him up with understanding what trust is all about.  He was blind for 8 years and at age 15, miraculously gained his vision back.  Trust is tough topics to talk about because we in this society have walls built around us that don’t allow people in.  I want to get into this rule a lot deeper.  I wrote on trust back in May.  I’m going to hopefully have some fresh stuff for you.

The world says it’s okay to build walls around your heart and not really let anyone in.  As Hoffer so wisely put, we cheat ourselves out of wonderful relationships.  The society we live in shows this in social media and computers that give us relationships that can’t get very deep.  Anonymity takes precedence over personal eye-to-eye relationships.  We are turning ourselves into electronic hermits.  The life-giver has an open heart and does not allow walls to go up.  The life-giver focuses on God and God protects the life-giver with His favor.  When you are open with your heart, you allow God to work into others’ lives as well.  There is nothing more attractive than a life-giver who begins every relationship with an element of trust.

Trust begins with an exchange between two people who are attracted to each other.  This attraction comes in different ways.  There are three different attractions, physical, intellectual, and spiritual.  These all happen to be all the elements of a man and a woman.  Physical is the first attraction that takes place because physical is what we see first.  Attitude, which I feel is part of the spiritual can have a huge impact on your physical attractiveness.  Have you ever taken to a person that walks into a room and just lights it up by their presence?  That is the attitude affecting their physical attractiveness.  This is the type of person that you can pretty much trust right off the bat.

The next two attractions take a little longer to develop trust.  Intellectual is what do you agree on and what do you have in common.  This can be a broad range of issues from education to politics to likes and dislikes.  When you spend time with people, you will develop a much deeper trust when you know who they are.  You set how far you want to go with this type of attraction.  It’s all intentional, and the life-giver as I have said will discern how far to go.

The last attraction is the most important and the deepest of them all, spiritual.  Just so we have an understanding all of these can be surface type attractions if we want them to be.  We can have people we go to church with that agree with our beliefs, but we don’t get to know them.  We can’t know everyone.  These list of attractions are not all levels of trust, they just open the door to trust.  Spiritual is the belief that you have in God and what He has done in your life and how alive the Holy Spirit is in you.  God will lead you to people that are attractive in this type of attraction.  The life-giver has the Holy Spirit overflowing in their life.  They are drawn to other life-givers.  If you have a friend that has all three of these attractions and the last two are deep, then you have an inner circle friend.  An inner circle friend will never betray your trust.  They know that if they do, it will be devastating to the friendship.

Friendship is a great example of trust.  Without trust, we cannot have friendships.  Our ultimate trust should be in God and His son Jesus.  When we give that trust, we are free to reach out, be life-givers, and show love to others.  The three attractions get the life-giver started with physical, intellectual, and spiritual.  Don’t allow the world to cheat you from loving and trusting God and other people that God brings into your life.

© [David Howard], [David’s Body Temple], 2011-2015.


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