Life-Giver Rule #11: Protection Mode

Australian mounted police officers on standby ...
Australian mounted police officers on standby at a peaceful demonstration. Note the facial armour and reflective shin guards. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It always protects….I Corinthians 13:7

The life-giver is a protector.  When you protect something, you give it an environment of safety.  The life-giver protects his/her reputation by living an exemplary life.  Being a lighthouse in this dark world is a way to protect you from the flesh.  The life-giver also protects his/her relationships, and protects God’s church.  Providing an environment of safety has changed over the years.  Crime has infiltrated every aspect of our lives; you cannot be safe from its evil deeds.  Protection has added more expense to our lives; we have to have alarms, safes, and people to monitor our safety.  I’m up early this morning writing this blog because of a protection issue in my home.  I woke up to my dog putting his nose in my back and a popping sound.  I went to see what the source of the noise was and saw one of my outlets in the den-sparking big time.  Then we smelled the smell of electrical fire.  We found the source was in our home office.  Two of our surge suppressors were burned out from a surge that caused all this craziness.  The power to the house then went out for about 5 minutes.  We discovered that the whole neighborhood was out.  We then called 911 and the fire department came out.  To our relief the only thing that burned was the two surge suppressors.  I see it as the ultimate life-giver keeping us safe.  If we are to be imitators of God then we are going to be protectors if we are life-givers.

The first aspect of protection is protecting our reputation.  That can seem to be a tall order for some people, but it’s really quite simple.  You don’t go places that will tear down your lighthouse.  This does not mean we cannot stand outside bars and pass out water and be Jesus to a bunch of drunks.  It means we don’t go to places that tear down our witness for fun.  A good accountability partner can help us protect our reputation.  If you are going to have any impact in this life, you have to protect your reputation because ultimately you are protecting God’s reputation.

Protecting your reputation translates into your relationships as well.  Protecting yourself from negative things can protect your spouse and friends from the negativity that can come with being associated with you.  Keeping your friends and family safe from harm is another way to protect as a life-giver.  You also not only protect physically, but you can protect them from your selfishness.  Just being humble and making others first before yourself is always life-giver protection mode.  Life-givers because they have unconditional love will even protect a complete stranger if possible.

The last aspect of protection is the church.  Reputation has a lot to do with protecting our churches.  If you are a leader in your church, your behavior should be model.  As I posted in my Love Light Armor, our back is not protected unless we have someone there to protect it.  An accountability partner is crucial for any leader.  My church has a security team that is very much protecting not only my pastor, but all who go to my church.  It’s sad that we have to have this, but it’s a must in this day and age.  Some might argue where your faith in God to protect you is.  God is in the people business primarily and His use of people is the wisdom of having a security team.

Protection comes in the form of reputation for us, our family and friends, and our church.  It also is physical protection and protection from the selfishness that we all suffer from.  The life-giver always protects, because of his/her unconditional love that is a part of their life.

© [David Howard], [David’s Body Temple], 2011-2015.


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