110 Miles and 53 Hours Later, Gives Us the 3 Keys to Determination

美国64岁女子成功横渡佛罗里达海峡 图
Diana Nyad

I have three messages.  One is, we should never, ever give up.  Two is, you’re never too old to chase your dream.  Three is, it looks like a solitary sport, but it is a team.~Diana Nyad

Dreams are an amazing thing.  When you have a dream, you have a goal that has to be worked toward.  Diana Nyad is an amazing woman athlete.  Her message to us all has been since three tries ago.  If she had success in the first attempt she would never been able to say never give up.  If she had succeeded in the second attempt she would not have been able to say never ever give up.  How many people are out there that have been given a godly dream to follow and fall short because of failure and fear or fear of failure?  The key to Diana’s motivation is pure and simple; determination.  A determined spirit is one that will not give up in times of failure and fear.  It drums up courage to continue on the task or dream.  It’s is an attitude that can get you above the level of mediocrity.  God does not want us stale and mediocre.  Diana outlined the three elements of a determined spirit that can move us to achieving the godly dream we may have.

The first thing she points out is to never ever give up.  Failure is not the end of the world or the end of the dream.  My dream all my life was to become thin.  I had a weight problem all my life and eventually it became such a burden that I would be faced with some major health issues that can seem to be irreversible.  It took hard work and a never give up attitude to keep me from quitting.  In addition, the idea of becoming healthy was a great motivation.  Diana had to spend hours and hours in the water learning and getting the stamina to swim 110 miles for 53 hours.  For every hour spent swimming was more courage built to achieve the goal she had set for herself.  A recent thing that happened to me that can illustrate a never give up attitude is a trail training run I had last Saturday.  I had run 3 miles and 4 miles two days before I decided to do a long trail run.  Trail running is awesome in the respect that it is easier on your legs than on harder surface.  The important thing to remember is that you have to watch for rocks and roots or you will trip and fall; which happened to me three times.  Each time I got up and continued to run.  The third time I injured my arm and am in the process of finding out what’s wrong with it.  I did not keep my focus 3 feet in front of me, but 6 feet and I was tired from the previous two runs.  Falling and failure will happen if you don’t have your focus correct or if it’s the wrong season for it to happen.  Diana tried 4 times before she found the correct combination to succeed.  Never ever give up; giving up after a fall or failure is true failure.

The next thing Diana said is always follow your dreams no matter what your age is.  A determined attitude keeps the dream alive.  She kept the dream alive by continuing to try and continuing to train.  She never stopped trying.  I kept trying to lose weight even when my weekly weigh in might have been a gain or a no loss or gain.  This brings me to probably the most important element; teamwork.

John Maxwell wrote a book called Teamwork Makes the Dream Work.  It’s a very true statement.  Diana said it may have looked like a solitary sport, but she knew the 55 people that she had for support were as important as she was doing the swimming.  I had an amazing team to help me take off 242 pounds.  My friend Lisa, who was my nurse, always would encourage me when I would have a week of no loss or a week of gain.  What drew me to Diana’s story was Lisa would always say that you can do anything you put your mind, to and to shoot for your dreams.  She also knew not to never ever, give up.  Lisa lives these things as well.  She wanted to help more people like me, and started a personal trainer business.  Now many of her clients are heart patients that need a lot of special handling.  To keep the vision alive you have to have a team around you that will encourage you to keep on keeping on and to shoot for your dreams.  Diana never ever gave up, she knew she could achieve her dream, and she did not totally rely on individual achievement, but knew teamwork would get her to Florida.

The three keys to a determined spirit are never ever give up, you’re never too old to follow your dreams, and teamwork makes the dream work.  My question to you is do you have the three keys to a determined spirit?

© [David Howard], [David’s Body Temple], 2011-2015.


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