Life-Giver Rule #2: Kindness

Random Acts of Kindness Ribbon
Random Acts of Kindness Ribbon (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Love is patient and kind…  ! Corinthians 13:4

Your kindness will reward you, but your cruelty will destroy you.  Proverbs 11:17

Rule #2 of a life-giver is kindness.  Kindness is the lifeblood of a life-giver.  A kind attitude is an amazing way to live.  One of my transformations in my personality has been kindness.  When I experienced God’s love in my life, I purposely set out to be kind to anyone, even those that may not deserve it.

A great example of kindness is when I was running with my dog Buddy.  He is so amazing that he can run off leash.  He stays in pace with me and will go off and do his own thing from time to time, but always is there tracking me.  Usually I get to Shelby Farms early in the morning before many people are there so can get done with the run.  This particular morning I slept in and got out there late.  Buddy was probably more than usually all over the place and a biker coming from the other direction was not happy to see an unleashed dog running around.  She was afraid he was going to run out in front of her and she would run into him.  Which since he was all over the place almost happened and she yelled at me and told me in a very angry voice that there is a leash law and he needs to be on a leash.  Well, she came around again and gave me this angry stare.  I had all kinds of things going on in my head of what kind of person she was.  Then I decided to get rid of that thinking and just hang on to Buddy as she came around a third time, I apologized and told her she was doing awesome.  When she came around a fourth time, she told me thanks and her hard angry stare was replaced by a much softer countenance.  Intentional kindness won over an angry person and changed her attitude.  She could have had a bad day, but I decided to be kind to her even though she was very angry with me.  I am not at all saying I’m prefect here, because the things going on in my head were not at the least bit kind.  I just made an intentional effort not to be angry back.

The above proverb is so very true, that cruelty will destroy you.  The reward for kindness is kindness in return; not every time, but most every time.  The old adage that says you get more bees with honey is so true.  Kindness is very addicting.  Like the time when about 200 people kept buying each other’s lunch at a fast food place just because one person decided to pay for the person behind them at the drive thru line.  Then it just kept going on all day.  It really is a powerful thing to use all the time.  Kindness is addicting.

Another great result of kindness is how it makes you feel.  When I do something for someone who may not deserve it, wow what a feeling.  I think the Holy Spirit within me leaps and gives me that good feeling.  The reason I say this is God’s kindness is always taking a bad situation and turning it around for good.  We are being imitators of God when we do acts of kindness.

One of the most important results of kindness is it pleases God.  When we are kind we are being imitators of God, and God loves that.  When we please God, we glorify Him and He gives us favor.  Sometimes it’s just hard to smile and say high to a Wal-Mart checker that looks like they would rather be home than to deal with you.  God’s favor is not something automatic, but requires hard work.  The hard work is dying to you, letting go of pride, and just being kind.

Some results we get with kindness are it’s addicting, it makes us feel good, and God gives us favor because He is pleased with us.  Kindness is a life-giving attitude that should be part of our daily lives.  Not just written or preached or talked about, but done.  Be kind to someone today that doesn’t deserve it and see what happens.

© [David Howard], [David’s Body Temple], 2011-2015.


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