Warrior or Worrier Part 6 Finale: On Faith and Trust

A sign of the times: the new Man of Steel
A sign of the times: the new Man of Steel (Photo credit: Ed Yourdon)

In addition to all of these, hold up the shield of faith to stop the fiery arrows of the devil.  Ephesians 6:16

My favorite summer blockbuster movie was Man of Steel.  I have always been a Superman fan and read it as my favorite comic when I was a child.  I still kick myself in not keeping the comics for they may have been worth something today.  Regardless, I loved the film, not just for it’s incredible special effects, but the story was well written.  I won’t spoil the film for you by going into great detail, but I will say that the basic premise of the story is faith and trust.  There is a moment where Clark (Superman) has some doubt whether he should reveal that he exists to the human race.  His adopted father Jonathan Kent (played brilliantly by the great actor Kevin Costner), was always afraid of what the world might think of having a superior alien living among them.  So he pushed Clark in keeping his existence a secret.  Then of course, as always, the world is threatened by a great disaster and Superman has to jump into action.  There is an awesome moment where Clark is trying to decide what he should do and talks with a priest or a pastor and wonders if he should reveal himself to the world.  The priest tells him this awesome thing, “You just have to take a leap of faith; the trust part come later.”  How true is that in our Christian warrior world?  We are always facing some type of trial and our faith is put to the test.  There are some ways we can fight off the fiery arrows of the devil, lift our shield of faith, and build trust.

Webster’s 1828 dictionary gives this definition:  Belief: the assent of the mind to the truth of what is declared by another, resting on his authority and veracity, without other evidence; the judgment that what another states is true.  The warrior can lift his shield and know that he will be protected from arrows.  His shield is strong enough to deflect any arrow thrown at him.  The worrier runs from the battle and leaves his back open to the arrow getting to him from behind.  Worriers also cower and cannot hold up their shield to deflect anything because the fear has taken over.  A warrior stands true, strong, and courageous.  The first point is the warrior needs encouragement to lift his morale on the battlefield.  Morale has everything to do with finding the courage to stand strong.  In my next series of blogs, I will focus on the 14 rules of a life-giver, and one of the rules is trust.  We build our faith when we trust our friends to have our back.  Faith comes first then the trust.  If you are going to make any significant friends in this life, you have to take a leap of faith and see what happens.  When you do that, you can surround yourself with morale boosters that can move you into a good strong position on the battlefield.  I mentioned a week ago that some people want to suck the life from you, always choose your fiends wisely.

The next thing we need to do to build a strong faith is to have faith in our abilities.  I never thought I could ever love running, but I started slow and fell in love with it.  I always feared it because it was hard to do for me.  I have faith in my abilities and know my legs are going to carry me forward in a great workout.  The worrier will worry about tripping and falling or injury.  If you are a prayer warrior, then have faith that your prayers will be answered.  If you are a mercy warrior, then know your love in action will be a life changer to someone.  Maybe you are a discernment warrior, have faith you are able to read things others cannot see.  Faith in our abilities goes a long way in giving us strength to lift that shield up and not worry about arrows burning us.

The last way to build faith and trust is to know and understand that God’s got this.  We should not have to worry about what our future is or what is going to happen.  We should know that God is going to be there for us no matter what.  He is always waiting for us to make a move toward Him, when we do that He always come running and ready to make us a prince or a princess.  By praying and reading His word, we build our faith because the word reminds us of how awesome God is, and praying gives us peace in knowing God hears us.  There are so many aspects that go into trust, faith builds trust, trust builds faith, trust gives peace, faith brings joy, joy brings trust.  On and on we could go.  Our friends encourage us, boost our morale, and build our trust.  We have faith and trust in our abilities and gifts.  Finally, God builds our faith because we grow in understanding Him by reading His word and praying.  You see what the priest said was right, always take a leap of faith, the trust part always comes later.

[David Howard], [David’s Body Temple], 2011-2015.


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