Warrior or Worrier Part 2: Team!

English: Former basketball player Michael Jordan
English: Former basketball player Michael Jordan (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

By yourself you’re unprotected.

With a friend you can face the worst.

Can you round up a third?

A three-stranded rope isn’t easily snapped.  Ecclesiastes 4:12

This above scripture is an awesome one that I was reminded of this morning in our Sunday worship service.  It was just one point in a 7-point sermon and this is the point I want to focus on in this week’s Warrior or Worrier series.  A warrior is always part of a team.  Like in baseball when you get up to the plate and it’s your turn at bat, that is the time for individual achievement.  When out on the field that is the time to band together as a team.  The point here is though you may be at bat, and though it’s individual achievement, you still are a team player because what you do at the plate is going to influence your team.  The team that always wins is a team.  Michael Jordan comes to mind when I think of team players.  Yes, he was a star and yes, he made some amazing moves, but he could not have made those moves without a Dennis Rodman or a Scotty Pippen there to help him.

Our field as warriors for Christ is the world.  We are to band together as team and pool our different talents to be change agents to the lost world.  There are some different notions that keep us from coming together to be a three-stranded rope.  The first thing is envy.  God has given us all a talent or talents to use for His kingdom; we are not to be envious of another’s talents.  A team should not have people on it that want to be wannabe’s.  All that does is create in us a worrying spirit.  We worry about trying to be someone we are not.  Certainly, we are happier being ourselves.  When you are yourself, you don’t have to worry about measuring up to the person you are trying to be like.

Another notion that destroys a team is selfishness.  Having your own agenda is no way to bring a team together.  Your agenda needs to be the team.  Thinking of others before you think of you is a fast way to bond a team together.  Looking for your own glory and not God’s is a way to divide a team and destroy any work you may have accomplished together.  Worrying about your own agenda takes life from you and others.

Another barrier to a three-stranded rope is shame.   When you allow shame, you allow bitterness to enter into your life.  Shame is bitterness toward you.  It’s allowing the enemy to make you feel like you are not a child of God.  When you feel guilt and a heavy burden after you have prayed for forgiveness that is nothing more than the enemy attacking you and telling you that you are less than adequate.  The best thing you can do to thwart shame is to tell a close friend.  When you do this, you build the team aspect strong.  People who love us will not judge us and make us feel terrible for what we did.  They will encourage us and make us know that we are forgiven.

I’m certain there are other barriers, but these three are the biggest ones.  The most important thing to remember is whatever your talent or talents are; they are from God and nothing to be wasted.  We should always use our talents to advance the cause of Christ.  As my life change happened, I discovered that I could write some empowering things.  I love practicing this talent and using it in the fashion of this blog.  Envy, selfishness, and shame are all things that can keep us from being ourselves for God.  God wants us to be authentic, not fake.  The best thing we can do for Him is to be ourselves and to love ourselves the way He loves us.  When you are on a team that means be yourself and not someone else.  Be real and not fake and don’t have a selfish agenda.  A warrior is team oriented; a worrier is self-oriented.

© [David Howard], [David’s Body Temple], 2011-2015.


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