In my two weeks being unplugged, I spent some time in writing a couple of poems.  I love poems, and never reallyimg_0308.jpg was sure if I could write one.  This poem I wrote in about an hour and a half and I was very touched as I wrote it.  I had an early morning run a few weeks ago and the sunrise I saw always reminds me of hope.  I have blogged on it before, but never wrote a poem on the subject of hope.  I hope you enjoy this, I’m still not quite sure I am any good at this, but I have had some positive feedback from friends.  I guess stepping out and putting it on my blog will give me some idea.  So, here it is.


An early morning run,

Twilight is fading fast.

The orange light of the sun,

Shows us night doesn’t last.

A gigantic orange ball,

Pierces through the dawn mist.

We comprehend hope’s call,

And find a cause to exist.

A sunrise brings us hope,

God’s love in sunshine gleams.

It always helps me cope,

And think long on my dreams.

The very act of the run,

Is a dream that came true.

Lots of weight to overcome,

It takes time but, hope grew.

A sunrise transpiring,

Reminds me of hard times.

Becoming inspiring,

Means pushing to the line.

Looking at conditions,

Will blind you to the truth.

Realize your disposition,

Faith will always produce.

Early dawn sun rising,

Continues to yield hope.

God’s hope is enticing,

Surely, it helps you cope.

© [David Howard], [David’s Body Temple], 2011-2015.


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