Bitterness or “Betterness”?


Awesome post as always. I love the thought provoking statement you make when you said surrendering with a good attitude is different than plain surrender. Plain surrender suggests it’s out of duty to God, a good attitude means not duty, but we get to surrender. It’s more intentional than an automatic response. Good stuff!! 🙂


Should we be surprised when trials come our way?? No–They build in us a character that can stand amidst fire or rain and still glorify His name (if we choose the right perspective). But that is the test, isn’t it? Will we become BETTER or just BITTER?

This week has been a challenge for me. I went from “Woo-whoo!” I’m surrendering (again) and choosing contentment (again) to frustration, a struggle with bitterness, and a state of emotional exhaustion. I feel the war raging inside me: my flesh reared its ugly head and is stomping it’s foot proclaiming that it wants what it wants and it wants it NOW! And the lies come–

1. If God loved you He would let you be happy…
2. Things never work out for you.
3. Everyone else gets to be happy but you have to surrender and take the high road
4. Nothing is…

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