The Believers Marathon Part 8: A Holistic Approach to Your Trinity

English: Baptism of Christ
Baptism of Christ showing the Trinity (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Don’t you realize that all of you together are the temple of God and that the Spirit of God lives in you? I Corinthians 3:16

When I started this series, I know I said it would only be eight parts, but I misread that, that part 8 was in section 3 and each section has several parts to it in the book Run to Win.  Therefore, I will have a few more parts to go.  In this next section of the book Run To Win by Christine Caine, focuses on the things runners do in keeping the fine art of running.  The first part is runners take a holistic approach to their running.  As a runner, what I eat, drink, and do physically can affect the way I run.  I’ve noticed lately as I have gained some weight and have gone back to some bad eating habits that have affected my run in a negative way.  I’m in the process of getting my mind set on the old new way of thinking and getting back to the basics that got me to a better physical level than what I am at now.  Christine Caine outlines three different aspects for a holistic approach to our believer’s marathon.

The first part of this trinity is our physical body.  This was the starting point of my inner transformation.  The goal was not dying from heart failure.  I succeeded and kept myself from that fate.  I slowly got into shape with changing what I ate and becoming a runner and an athlete.  How I looked while I did this was not a concern for me, I knew I had to do something or else I was going to be pushing up daisies from 6 feet underground.  Christine points out in the book that we as Christians need to have a good physical shape to do God’s work.  I so agree with that idea, because how can we do hard work for God if we are consistently in the hospital for some different metabolic disease that will slow us from stepping into God’s will for us.  It’s so important to make sure our bodies are in good shape not only to do God’s work, but for our own self-worth as well.  When you are in shape physically, your confidence level increases substantially.  Some may disagree with this statement, but it’s true.  Not only that, but we can love ourselves in a much healthier way.  I’ve used the excuse that God made me this way and I can’t do anything about it.  That is a lie from the enemy and your own choice if you think that way.  Thinking that nothing can be done is the wrong attitude and will get you nowhere fast.

The next part of our trinity is the soul.  When I was reading this part in the book, it touched me the most.  To be straight and honest this is where I need to focus my own attention to get better.  The reason I have gone back to old habits is my emotions that I let control me.  Life can throw many curve balls at us and we have to be careful how we respond to those curve balls.  I am not responding the way I should because this way of living is all new to me.  The demons of the past though have a way of creeping up on you and make you lose your footing in the race if you don’t deal with them.  We all struggle with these, but with the help of accountability partners and prayer partners we can overcome them.  The thing is with most Christians we don’t want to tell our brother or sister that we are hurting or struggling with something for fear of shame.  It’s well worth the risk of hurt to share these things because if they really love you they won’t condemn you or think of you in a condescending way.  This is all about us taking control of our emotions and leading our heart where it needs to go and that is to glorify God.

The last part of the trinity is the most important part and binds all three parts together and that is the spiritual.  When we receive Christ as savior, we have to receive Him as Lord as well.  This is sadly, where some Christians stop; they only see Him as savior and not as Lord.  We build our spirit when we read God’s word and pray.  These two disciplines are where we pray about our past demons to overcome them and to receive from God in His word.  I have grown greatly in my physical being in getting into shape, and I owe that determination to God and His awesome word, plus my own prayers.  I have grown spiritually as well and have seen increased wisdom and strength in my life.  The biggest growth spurt for me is learning how to love in a godly way.  Unconditional love for myself, brought me to be healed physically by make the correct choices to get healthy.  Sure, it wasn’t instant success, it took two years, but the joy was in the journey and in some ways I want to go back and experience the bliss of watching the weight come off every week as I would weigh-in.  That beautiful past is past, now I have a beautiful future of leading others into learning how to escape from the prison of their bodies and learn to love themselves the way God loves us.  I have no doubt that my own past demons will be overcome because of the love overflowing in my heart.

We should focus on our whole man, body, soul, and spirit.  God made us in His own image and so we are trinities as God is a trinity.  Working on your inner being by working on the spirit will help you with the rest of the trinity.  When you get your spirit inline, your soul and body will become inline.  Remember this may take time, but there is joy in the process and a huge reward in the end.  Run your marathon with a holistic approach.

© [David Howard], [David’s Body Temple], 2011-2015.


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