Adjust, Shift and Fire!!!

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And He said unto them, This kind can come forth by nothing, but by prayer and fasting.  Mark 9:29

I was talking one day with a friend that is an army recruiter for the National Guard.  Shawnon is an awesome man, loves God, and has such a servant’s heart.  We were discussing military strategy and he was telling me that sometimes you have to make a maneuver called adjust, shift, and fire.  Let’s say you are setting up an ambush for the enemy and you have two paths to choose from.  You still have to set up to the most likely path the enemy would come.  The unexpected can be a demoralizing experience to the soldier who is prepared for the enemy to come one way, but they come a different way.  That’s when you have to adjust your planning, shift your line into a better position, and fire in the new direction.  The passage in Mark is a perfect example of how the enemy was very strong on the young man that had a demon in him.  Part of the reason the demon could not be removed from the kid was because of the lack of faith of the father.  The other part was the lack of faith of the disciples.  They were intentional in their manner, but lacked the faith to handle an extra powerful demon.  The enemy came at them from a different direction and all Jesus said to them was they had to adjust, shift and fire.  The only way this type of demon was going to be removed was by faith, fasting, and prayer.

Adjusting your offensive takes a lot of faith, that you are doing the correct overcome your enemy.  Faith is what keeps us strong on the battlefield of our Christian life.  Part of what keeps the soldier confident on the battlefield is the practice he does for war.  His preparation.  We should prepare ourselves every day for our battle of life.  Always reading God’s word is a strong point in preparation.  Practicing our faith daily is another way.  By practicing our faith, we purposely put ourselves in positions of loving people and taking godly risks.  In short, it’s serving people and putting ourselves out there to just plain do good.

Shifting your position may be an uncomfortable thing to do.  You’re in the ambush position and all set to go, you’re comfortable, but the enemy is coming from another direction.  You have a choice, you can stay in the comfort zone and miss your opportunity, or you can move out of the position and shift into the new position.  Sometimes God want us to be uncomfortable to help us build character.  Jesus talked about fasting.  He said that the demon or enemy sometimes has to be defeated with fasting and prayer.  Fasting helps us to shift ourselves into a new position that is very uncomfortable.  The suffering we face helps build our character and our trust in God.  God is our satisfaction, our contentment.  Shifting out of the comfort zone into the unknown and uncomfortable zone opens up doors to see our faith give us favor.

To defeat the enemy we have to adjust what we are planning, shift into the new position, and finally open fire on the enemy.  Prayer is the best ammunition we can have.  Courage is a contagious thing.  When you are firing on the enemy, you are building your confidence while on the battlefield.  God blesses our faith and confidence with every prayer we utter.  Adjusting our attitude from fear to faith, shifting our position from comfort to discomfort by fasting and by using prayer a powerful weapon we will always be dangerous to the enemy.  I don’t know about you, but when the enemy hears my name, I want him to be shaking in his boots.

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