Jesus and Joy

London Marathon - wheelchair competitors
London Marathon – wheelchair competitors (Photo credit: sarahdav)


It is my wish that we not only be joyful for the holiday’s,

but all year round and to love and Serve one another and

Hopeful for the New Year.

We should never forget

That it is a blessing to come together and worship

With one another and to also have

Faith that God will not forget His children.

We should also have love for the poor and homeless

And we should take the time to serve ones in need.

Because we might need someone one day.~Adrian Smith

I saw Jesus after my run on Saturday.  I was walking my dog back to the car and saw a fellow runner getting himself ready for a run.  Then he walked over to a pickup truck where either his brother or friend was sitting in a sports wheelchair.  They are the type that are used for handicapped that cannot compete, but a runner can run with it and have their friend or loved one be with them as they run.  Then as he finished his warm up and he ran past with the wheelchair and his friend or brother was yelling, “Run, run, run.”  It made me well up with tears, just seeing that love expressed in such a way.  It reminded me of the father who had a physically handicapped son and took him with him when he did the Ironman Triathlon a few years ago.  It still makes me tear up when I see that video.  I really don’t believe that people who are born with a handicap or disability are at a disadvantage.  I think we are the disadvantaged ones.

How are we the disadvantaged ones?  People with disabilities are naturally joyful and grateful when they are put in the correct environment.  My friend who wrote that above quote has a learning disability and I think knows more about joy than I do.  What is so awesome about the above quote is he wrote it down.  He has a difficult time writing and so it took him a while to even write this awesome thought down.  He lists some things to keep that Christmas attitude all year long.

He says we should always come together and worship.  As I said in one of my prior blogs, worship is more than just singing and praising God, it’s being together with other believers and how you treat yourself,  I could go into a worship service not wanting to be there and come out feeling the most blessed person ever.  Worship doesn’t stop there, it’s something that should happen every day, in our car on the way to work, whenever.

The next thing he talks about is building our faith.  We do this with worship and when we pray and read God’s word.  I just spent 22 weeks on why we should hold God’s word so important.  Doing all these things builds our faith.  The next point builds not only faith, but also our unconditional love and character.

The last point is to serve others that are unfortunate.  Building others up should always be a goal that we have every day.  If we have this attitude, we can build our character like never before.  We can try to teach people this truth, but until they do it and experience it for themselves they will never understand how strengthening and satisfying it really is.  I can go into several stories of how my church has come through for some needy people and how we are making an impact to change a negative statistic in a bad area of our city.  You have to catch this type of attitude, go out in faith and serve others.  My friend Adrian loves to serve people, he is one of our best greeters in our church.

The last statement he makes is, “Because we might need someone one day.”  What a truthful statement.  It’s touching to think about how loving and serving one another can produce a life that is not lonely.  We will never be lonely because God always will provide brother’s and sister’s to be in our lives.  When you live an impactful life, you will never be alone.  My friend Adrian will never be alone, because he practices all these things he wrote down in the statement.

How about you, is joy a big part of your life?  If it’s not what do you need to do to find it?

© [David Howard], [David’s Body Temple], 2011-2015.


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