Substituting our 911′s with 119′s Part 19: Early to Rise

Psalm 119:145-152 Qoph

night sky looking towards Orion
night sky looking towards Orion (Photo credit: kronerda)

I pray with all my heart; answer me, Lord!

I will obey your decrees.

I cry out to you; rescue me,

that I may obey your laws.

I rise early, before the sun is up;

I cry out for help and put my hope in your words.

thinking about your promise.I stay awake through the night,

In your faithful love, O Lord, hear my cry;

let me be revived by following your regulations.

Lawless people are coming to attack me;

they live far from your instructions.

But you are near, O Lord,

and all your commands are true.

I have known from my earliest days

that your laws will last forever.

I used to not be a morning person.  During my college days I would be what I thought at the time, rudely awakened by my roommate who was way too enthusiastic for me to handle early in the morning.  He was always overly chatty and had this gleam in his eye that he knew this day was going to be the best yet.  I really did not at the time understand his enthusiasm, but now as I have grown closer to God and have experienced His love first hand I get it.  Just as the Psalmist is talking here how God’s word can revive us and give us hope for the day and keeps us moving forward no matter what we may be going through at the time.  What gets me started in a day is to spend time with God and His word.  When you start the day like this you will begin your day the best way possible.  Not everyone wants to meet God early in the morning, but I think when we do this we make our days much better and more rewarding.  We can discover God’s favor through the day.  I can only suggest what is good for me may be good for you if you try it.

The Psalmist next talks about how he meditates on God’s law even through the night.  I have discovered that I would wake up at around 2 or 3 am with God’s word calling to me.  I would have to read and then some of my best writing has been done in these morning hours.  Someone once told me that the Holy Spirit moves in the early morning hours because this is usually the most peaceful part of the day.  I’m not sure where that is found in the scripture, but I do believe it having experienced it.  Some of my best ideas come in the early morning hours.  I really think that old limerick that early to bed, early to rise makes us healthy, wealthy and wise, is very true.  There are some statistics out there that show most of the wealthy people out there get up early in the morning.  After a good night’s sleep and when you wake up with a clear head it is easy to make better decisions.  When you have God in your court then it’s even better.  Physical activity is also another way to worship God and have a clear head to make decisions.  I can also say with certainty that I had some of the best ideas during a run and then am so inspired by the sunrise that I get to witness on occasion.

God’s word in general is awesome and is something that we should read and ponder day in and day out as the Psalmist has put here.  Whether you are a morning person or a person that has to sleep late, whenever you read His word you will get the direction you need.  You just have to make it a habit.  Consistency in reading God’s word will find you clearly hearing His voice and feeling His great love for you.  A Pastor I heard once said that God’s word is His love letter to us.  True freedom is knowing just a little of God’s great love for us and letting it take us to where God wants us to go.

© [David Howard], [David’s Body Temple], 2011-2015.


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