Seeking God and Finding Hope

You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart. Jeremiah 13:19

You’re at the end of the rope, you can’t hang on anymore.  There seems to be no hope left in life.  It feels as if God is a million miles away.  What happened?  Where is God when we need Him the most?  What sin did we do that He is punishing us for?  When will this end?  Always these questions come to mind when we are going through a major struggle.  Only one of these questions has an answer and that is “what sin did I commit”?  Christ paid your sin in full 2000 years ago; sin no longer will have an effect on our relationship with God.  It does however, have an effect on our God given destiny.  God is not going to punish us, but He can’t bless us if we are carnal all the time.  We do have a period sometimes in our lives when God allows a wilderness to happen.  It may be a week, it may be months, it may be years.  We don’t know why this is, it may be to prepare you for a ministry.  Whatever the reason God won’t reveal it to you until an appointed time when an opportunity presents itself.  In the mean time we need to seek after God, because when you seek after God you find Him.  Below is a letter written to my Pastor, it’s a story of Johnny and Bobbie who are going through a struggle. Johnny has Prostate cancer and is a living testimony of what happens when you seek after God.  These two people’s attitude is always on the mountain top, even though in the valley.  They are always smiling and have a never say die attitude.  The story is what can happen when you seek God at the alter.  You will find Him.  Then Bobbie has this awesome poem at the end that puts everything they are going through into godly perspective.  They sought God and found hope.

Dear Pastor,

We started attending The Life Church shortly before Easter this year. When we first stepped through the door, we knew that it was an extraordinary place. The very air around us was alive with love and positive energy. It was amazing. May I tell you what led us there?

Toward the end of September 2010, Johnny fell very ill and was near death when we got to the emergency room at the hospital. He was in renal failure. Further test revealed that he was a diabetic, sporting very high blood pressure and host to metastatic cancer, which is by definition is stage 4. It had begun in his prostate and migrated to his bones and nodes. We came home not knowing what to expect and pretty much gave up. He was angry, then sad, and ultimately he and I just gave up. He spent more than a few sleepless nights during which time he occupied himself with man’s favorite pass time: channel surfing. One night when he was especially low, he happened upon one of your services. He listened for a while and skipped channels only to find you once again. So he listened some more. The next day he said that as soon as he was rid of the catheter (which he had to ware for 6 months.) we would check out The Life Church.

Johnny and I have always believed in God and had much respect for the church, but until we were led to Life Church, we felt it just wasn’t for us. So we attended the 10 A.M. service for several weeks. We sang, listened, and enjoyed the company of God’s people. One Sunday (a few weeks ago) Johnny felt moved to an alter call at which time he knelt at the stage and began to pray. There was no one near him, and a good number of folks passed behind him as they went to other people to pray with them. We were seated on the front row and he was just a few feet away from me. As I watched people walk past him (as though they couldn’t see him) I thought to myself of how sad he would be that no one had stopped to pray with him. Shortly he returned to his seat. He drew close to me and whispered, “Who prayed with me?”  “No one” I told him. He gave me a worried look and said,” Don’t mess with me. Who laid their hand on my shoulder and prayed with me?” “No one” I told him. As we drove home he explained that when he went to his knees to pray the words in his head became “pure gibberish”…nothing that he could understand…nothing but the word “God”. He said that someone came from behind and placed their hand on his shoulder and prayed with him. He felt new and alive and was no longer a slave to the fear, which had gripped him for months.

We believe that the Holy Spirit flooded his soul with all the hope and love that one man could handle. He witnesses to just about everyone he meets, but this story is one he has a good deal of difficulty retelling. It is,(to us), a beautiful story. We “need” for others to hear it. We want others to share in the hope and the amazing love that we share with our Lord.

None of us knows how much time we have left, but of this, you may be sure; every day we have left on this earth will be spent sharing God’s love with all who will receive it.

Many years ago, I fell very ill and was in fear of losing my life. One day when I was especially low I felt words in my head which I wrote down in fear of loosing them forever. As time passed, when ever I was drawn to any one who was afraid or lonely (for any reason) I shared these words with them , but , until my Johnny fell ill I didn’t understand the depth of meaning in the words which I had stumbled upon so many years ago,

How deep the well from which I draw the strength to mend my tattered soul.

How steep the heights that I must scale to seek my dreams,,,to reach my goal.

How strong the hand that comforts me when fear within my heart would dwell.

How sweet the voice that bids me rest…without concern, for deep’s the well.

Johnny and I know (for sure) that the well will never run dry and we can always refresh ourselves there. We pray that all our brothers and sisters in Christ will share all the hope and love forever and ever.

Thanks for listening.

Johnny and Bobbie

© [David Howard], [David’s Body Temple], 2011-2015.


5 Comments Add yours

  1. Shirley Anne says:

    So lovely
    Shirley Anne x

    1. asd539 says:

      Yes, I thought so too, that’s why I had to post it. The rest of the story is my Pastor who is very very busy took time to read the letter and reply to them. He even read it to his staff in a meeting. So cool. 🙂

  2. I love Johnny and Bobbie’s testimony but you’re right we all ask the question, “What sin have I committed to make this happen to me?” It’s interesting that Christians ask that question because in the outside world a question like that is referring to the all powerful karma or “what goes around comes around.” Now I’ve certainly asked that question because it’s much easier to blame God and his so called judgement then it is to blame our unfaithfulness. You didn’t hear it but during Chick Night Christine preached on Caleb and how even though he was faithful and believed he still had to wait on his promise for 45 years because of the unfaithfulness of others. Remember he was the only spy that came back from the promise land and had a positive report, he knew that they could conquer the land because they had god on their side but the other 11 spies had negative reports so they were believed and that helped lead to their 40 years in the desert. Anyway Caleb never questioned God’s commitment to him. He knew even back in the old testament of God’s unfailing love. We all need to have the faith and patience of Caleb. If Caleb was sure before the death of Christ then we should certainly be sure now.

    1. asd539 says:

      Thanks for the awesome comment. It’s human nature to think we are being punished. 🙂

  3. johnny says:

    with out God we have nothing.Iknow God is on my side. he did not give me this. but through his love i can be healed. praise God. amen.

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