Lopez Lomong: The Testimony Potential of an Olympian

Today I run for pure, absolute joy!~Lopez Lomong, U.S. Olympian and Lost Boy from Sudan

Lopez Lomong

Lopez Lomong the young Olympian who made that statement has every reason to be joyful in running and his life.  He is an example of God taking a Sudanese boy that was taken from his family when he was 6 years old while in church and taken to a camp for boys to learn how to become rebels in the civil war that is happening in Sudan.  Lopez met three other boys there that helped him escape to Kenya.  They had to run for three days from their captors.  He was running for his life.  When they made it to Kenya, he was presented with an opportunity to write an essay on his life to get to go to America.  Out of over a thousand boys, his was picked and he was taken to America.  The thing I love about Lopez is we both share a common passion and that is for running, writing and the most important thing ever, God.  We can learn several things about this man that I think we all can apply to our lives.

First, we can learn from his unwavering attitude.  In spite of being taken from his family in church, he didn’t blame God for his misfortune, in fact his misfortune sets him up for a major testimony to the whole world of how awesome God is.  God looks through time for the person who is down on life that is at their wits end and sees the testimony potential in that person and sets them up to succeed.  It think if anyone had a right to be bitter it was Lopez.

He has a determined spirit in him.  When you make the godly choices in life, it makes the Holy Spirit within you to strengthen your resolve.  Lopez was thankful for three “angels” that watched over him while he was in the prison.  They were from his hometown and told them they were all like family.  Lopez at that moment made the godly choice to hope.  When you have something to hope for it encourages determination and resolve.

He had faithful courage.  Courage is taking a risk in knowing that the outcome may be bad, or it may be good.  The biggest point in courage as we saw in the last blog is that if we do nothing we are not shaping our world for the better.  You can sit back and hope, but if you don’t get up and fuel your hope how much hope do you really have?  Lopez decided to run for his life and escape the bad situation he was in.  The three boys that were taking care of him helped him to achieve this.

God’s favor was with him.  Because he had a great attitude, because he was determined, because he was courageous, God gave him favor.  He had to work for the favor of God and proved himself to be worthy of favor.  With the help of his friends, he crafted an essay on his life and was able to go to America and live with a godly family that would take him in and love him.

Lastly, he had a godly goal in mind.  He wanted to be an Olympian and run in the Olympics.  He saw Michael Johnson run in the 2000 Olympics and decided that was the big hairy audacious goal to shoot for.  Big hairy audacious goals are godly dreams that give us hope.  Do you have a big hairy audacious goal that you have written down and are hoping for?

All these aspects come down to the fact that God saw testimony potential in that young Sudanese boy and gave him the favor he needed to get to his godly dream.  Your very weakness or battle you are facing right now may be the testimony potential God needs to give himself all the glory.  As Mark Batterson has written, whatever makes you sad, mad or glad is what your ministry should be.  Don’t let your battle that has been won, be a secret, share it, it may be the very thing someone else needs to know to move forward in their lives.  That’s what Lopez is doing right now, serving those that are still in Sudan suffering and dealing with the same stuff he had to deal with.  Be salt and be light like Lopez.

© [David Howard], [David’s Body Temple], 2011-2015.


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Shirley Anne says:

    Now there’s something I didn’t know. What an amazing story but there again, our God is AMAZING isn’t He? I guess many of us as Christians have a little of Lopez in us but perhaps could do with some more!

    Shirley Anne x

    1. asd539 says:

      I so agree my friend. 🙂

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