Body Temple Part III: A Sunrise Brings Hope

So be strong and courageous, all you who put your hope in the LORD! Psalm 31:24

The photo below was taken before a long run, the sheer beauty of this photo does not compare with seeing this godly painting done with the naked eye. It does not live up to the live experience. God can really paint a sky in the most amazing mixture of color and just awesome patterns that are so perfect and so beautiful. Until I got off the couch and started running I never really marveled at the beauty of a sunrise or even contemplated the implications of it’s being a way for God to communicate to us that He is still in control. To me a long run (and I am talking about 5 or more miles of running) is a time when I can really worship God in way that is so honoring to Him; and that is with my body. God designed our bodies for running. That does not mean we all can be runners, modern society has taken its toll on many people and they cannot run if they wanted to. We were created to run so that we can hunt and kill an animal for food. So, when I run I am loving myself the way God loves me. Running is good for me and it’s my chosen exercise that I love. If it share it with a running buddy the conversation is always about God and what He is doing in our lives. I guess you can say I am having church as I run to stay fit and to be spiritually fit as well.

To me a sunrise brings the idea of hope for another day. A day full of God given opportunities. A day where we can make a difference in someone’s life. God shows us this sunrise in a brilliant display of color and beauty to remind us not only that He is in control, but that He shows us His approval and love by this amazing display of His creation.

As we garner strength and courage with this hope on display we have only one thing to keep in mind: What’s our place in this world? With all out talents, gifts and struggles we all are different, we all have different circumstances, but we share the same creator who sees the broken, the insignificant and loves us all the more. God can make our lives a antonym and turn the broken into a whole person. He can take the insignificant and make them significant. Our place is found when we focus our energy on others and use out gifts and our talents to reach out to them. If we move forward from our past and not focus so much on our issues we can experience the love of God on another level.  Doing this requires trust in God to remove these anchors of our past. Not to forget them, but to move on from them.  We can use these anchors to share what God has done in our lives to inspire others to move on from their past.  The body of Christ needs all of our talents our gifts and experiences to help others to find their place in this world.  When it all comes together, it’s like a beautiful symphony with all the different instruments blended together to make a wonderful song that God gets to here.  No one is insignificant in this symphony, we need to hear all the instruments.  Our praise to Him is not just the worship we give on Sunday morning, but how we live our lives.  How we treat others and spend our time on this planet.  Like my running is church on the move.  God always speaks clearly to me when I am running.  The very idea for this blog came from a long run spent praying and praising Him.

Be strong and courageous because there is hope.  If you shamelessly display your anchor that means it’s not holding you back anymore.  It’s right in front of you to give courage to someone else.  When I see someone that is obese trying to exercise, I don’t look at that person and think, “It’s about time they get it into gear.”  I look at them and think, “Wow, you inspire me to keep doing what I am doing.”  You don’t have to be in tip top shape to be an inspiration to someone.  Make your life a praise to God every day of your life.  Allow Jesus to come and smooth what’s behind you so that the anchor you may be dragging behind you will not find any spot to cling to.  Take that anchor and make it a trophy of what you once were, and use it as a testimony of what you have become.  We can be strong and courageous because we are overcomers, and when we see a sunrise we are very aware that there is always hope just from the fact that we have overcome.

© [David Howard], [David’s Body Temple], 2011-2015.

This photo was taken before a long run. It gives me hope.

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  1. David…you always inspire me and like you others that are heavy and are determined to get healthier inspire me as well. Last weekend as I was waiting for Brandon and Glen to finish their 10k, I watched people of all sizes finish the 5k. I watched as women cheered on their friends as they struggled across the finish line in the heat. I also watched a man who was probably close to 400 lbs run with a smile on his face as he neared the finish. I stood with a woman named Joy, who I have seen at every race I have attended, while she waited for her two friends (68 and 72 years old) to finish the 5 and 10k. She told me that she had two hip replacements and though she couldn’t run herself she knew how important it was to cheer on her friends. Someone one told me that I see people differently, in a way that makes me sound judgemental. I say I see people for who they are and have that much more compassion for them.

    They say the hardest step is the first one…the courage to get off the couch and get healthy is not common in the world but those that do are an inspiration to us all!

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