The Fear of Failure

25 Have no fear of sudden disaster
or of the ruin that overtakes the wicked,

26 for the Lord will be at your side
and will keep your foot from being snared. Proverbs 3:25-26

I had a dream the other night that was disturbing to me.  I can’t remember the specifics, but it was about failure.  It was as if I dug myself into a pit I could not get out of.  Every time I would try to get out of it, I sunk deeper into it.  I was falling behind.  I used to look at myself as if I was a failure in life and in everything I would “try” to achieve.  Most of you know my story of being obese and coming close to death.  That is not a failure story, that is a personal victory that God gave me over my abuse of my body.  My Pastor said something profound this weekend, he said, “Win in private.  Win in public.”  We can win in private that is where we need to begin.  I started winning in private and was able to overcome a large mountain in my life.  The above verses that God gave me today tell the whole story.  We are not destined to fail, we have God at our side all the time.  He will keep our foot from being snared.  I still have some mountains to overcome, but I have no doubt I can because God is in control and is on the throne of my life.  I wish I can sit here and say I have it all together.  I wish I could say I have all the answers, I don’t.  All I know is that when I stumble He is there to pick me up, when I fail He is there to turn the failure to victory.  It was just a bad dream that’s all. It’s not prophesy because I have seen the coming attractions and they are awesome.  We can still fail, but true failure is when we allow the world to overtake us and just plain give up.  We have to keep striving toward that goal God has for us, we can’t give in or give up.  You may be in a wilderness right now, learn all you can during that wilderness time and that will prepare you for the promise land.  God has good plans.  It’s not for you to get your foot snared.


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  1. Mel says:

    This may be my favorite post of yours so far!!! AWESOME!!! AWESOME!!! I kept highlighting different sentences as my favorite quote and had pretty much highlighted the whole thing. Every word spoke to my heart. The fear of failure used to run my life, literally drive me from the seat of my heart. The fear of failure was my ultimate motivation and while it led me to lots of outward earthly success, I was empty and lost and confused and broken as ever.

    Your last couple lines reminded me of something I think Joyce Meyer once wrote, “Your attitude in the wilderness determines how long you stay there” and man, oh man, have I wandered in the wilderness! Thank you for reminding me that God is for me, He is for me and He is faithful even when I’m faithless.

    Oh and I love that “win in private, win in public” – this is TRUTH! The battles of temptation/sin/everything always starts in the mind (private) and if we win there, through the following of the Holy Spirit and His truth kicking out the lies/fear of the devil, we will win in action (public) …that’s what you just spoke to me. GREAT POST!

    THANK YOU FOR POSTING!!! God bless you, David!! Can’t wait for your book. Seriously.

  2. Mel says:

    Oh and I had, well, a little bit of a question/suggestion, do you tag your posts so that wordpress bloggers can see/find you when you update? God has given you a gift here and lots of revelation that would be a great Kingdom benefit. I’ve found that it’s easier to connect with tags.

    1. asd539 says:

      Wow, I am so humbled by your comment. I knew it would be good when God put it on my heart to share this dream. I keep forgetting to tag my work, thanks for the reminder. I’m just happy if one person gets something from this. 🙂

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