Just A Small Step of Faith Can Lead To a Fresh Start

Transformation Photo

“Excuses are the nails we use to build a house of failure.”~Don Wilder and Bill Rechin

The words fresh start mean a great deal to me.  It’s the language of my church the Life Church of Memphis.  It’s a place that I needed as I began my fresh start with God.  Fresh start means either salvation or overcoming a situation where you are spiritually unhealthy.  For me when I began my fresh start I was overcoming being not only spiritually unhealthy, but I was overcoming my physical health issues.  I was 449 pounds and because of the weight had sleep apnea and congestive heart failure.  As you can see in the photo above, I was very big.

May is a very special month for me.  It is my rebirth month, when God put people and dreams into my life to save my physical life.  Plus get me back on track spiritually with Himself.  I began my program at the heart clinic to get healthy.  Then a year later I was starting to run.  I spent the whole month running everyday to get up to my base run of 30 minutes.  It was slow at first, but I would walk then run a couple of minutes then walk again.  It slowly built up my stamina to get to the 30 minutes of straight running I was determined to get to.  As I progressed the pounds kept dropping off and my walk was slowly being dominated by my run.  Finally the day I was to run my first full 30 minutes of straight running, I was nervous.  I’m certain when I got done running that first 30 minutes of straight running the people who witnessed me jumping up and down and crying thought I lost my mind.

One of the most important parts of my spiritual resurgence or fresh start was becoming a part of this incredible church called The Life Church Of Memphis.  It was probably a couple of months into my weight loss journey that I saw the end of a TV broadcast of The Life Church and Katie, who by the way is married to the man in the video playing the piano, came on and was so positive about coming to visit the Life Church that I was very interested.  I really needed positive influences in my life and we were not really in church.  The first time we went we fell in love with the church an started attending.  It was sporadic a first, but then the next year came and we decided to attend every week.  The interesting part was we attended our Discovery class, which is a four week information class on how to get connected into the Life Church.  We did the first two weeks in April, then we got sick one week, and then finished it up in May for the last two weeks.  Which is the same May I started running.

I’m so thankful for the many people who believe in me and support all my efforts in my church home, they are my extended family.  I want to make a point that thankfully Matthew Barnett made tonight that I thought was pretty amazing.  He said when you hit rock bottom that is where some of our greatest dreams are found.  That one step of faith can see a dream become reality.  Thankfully that is what I did and what I continue to do.  Having people to believe in you and what you are about is the icing on the cake.  A small beginning is all it takes to get to a fresh start with God.  When you take that first step it will be incredibly wonderful what will happen.

I love this song because shows how God can take people at rock bottom and lead them into a new transformed life.  They had no place to look but up.  The people you see in this video are real people with real hurts.  They overcame them through Jesus Christ’s changing their life.  I’m proud to call many of them friend. The bridge to the song is amazing.  Jarod Welch wrote this song and plays the piano in the video.  Enjoy the video and I put the bridge down below for you to read and ponder.

Your love is unfailing,  your mercy unending,

your plans are always good.

You light up the darkness, and heal the broken and

all our hope is in you.


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  1. Thanks for sharing your journey so personally, David. Your ideas on “fresh start” really hit home for me. Happy May! Shelby in Montana.

    1. asd539 says:

      Thanks Shelby, I can’t take credit for the concept of fresh start, that came from my Pastor’s heart. It has become part of the language of our church. Keep striving and writing. Awesome!!!

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