The Essential 100 Day 52: Luke 1: Anything Is Possible

37 Nothing, you see, is impossible with God. Luke 1:37 The Message

I found this little gem of a verse in Luke chapter 1 this morning when I read the whole chapter.  This is one truth that we all must remember and try and wrap our little feeble minds around.  God can do anything He wants to do; He is the creator of the universe after all.  This gives me courage to step out and do something out of my comfort zone.  We all get bogged down with our comfort zones, because we feel very secure.  I have been outside of my comfort zone for the last 4 years.  Not by my own choice either, but out of necessity.  I’m getting used to the idea of being outside of my comfort zone.  I see more things happening in my life and my friends lives when we are out side of that comfort.  It’s comforting to know that anything is possible with God; even a virgin birth of a savior.


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