The Essential 100 Day 27: Judges 4, 5: Peace

31 “So may all your enemies perish, Lord!
But may all who love you be like the sun
when it rises in its strength.”
Then the land had peace forty years. Judges 5:31

This passage continues the Israelites falling away again, then crying out to God and God coming through because they had a godly leader to lead them.  In this case it’s the story of Deborah.  Deborah was a very strong leader.  What I find thought provoking in this whole passage is that God used a woman to lead a nation at a time when women were not really thought of as leaders.  She was strong leader because the man in charge of the army wanted her there with him in battle.  I think the biggest point I can make is that God is going to rise up who He wants to rise up.  He will appoint the leader that is going to be the most open to what His will is.  In this case it was Deborah and she was a woman.  Notice that not one single man is mentioned in this passage that did not argue against her decisions.  God appointed her and gave her favor.  I love how God always is outside of the box.  Verse 31 sums it all up when we are obedient and listen to God and do His will, no matter how crazy it may seem; we have peace.


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  1. Kym Nelson says:

    Love this!! So true!! His ways are so much higher!! :))

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