My Brother Adrian


I had the privilege to add a new member to my Body Temple small group within the last few months.  His name is Adrian, who is part of my church family and is my brother because of that fact.  As I have gotten to know this man over the last few months, he has shown me three life lessons that I want to share.  For those that don’t know what Body Temple is, it’s a small group dealing with living healthy and learning about who you are in Christ as you go through different changes to your lifestyle.  I believe Adrian knows who he is in Christ from the things he has shown me.


Lesson one:  Freely love people.  Our church every year has an incredible youth conference that has a massive serve day on the last day of the conference, to have the student’s experience what the church’s true function is.  I had the privilege of leading a team of these kids to a not so lovely neighborhood in Memphis.  I took Adrian along for the company and for him to experience this exciting day.  As we drove through this neighborhood delivering free groceries to needy people and praying for them, Adrian was waving and smiling at people he did not even know.  He also shows love to his church family and shows an interest in everyone. Adrian makes you feel like you are part of his family.


Lesson Two:  A servant’s heart. Adrian also has a heart for serving.  He arrives to church early for Body Temple so that he can set the room up for me.  He helps me take it down when we leave.  It makes it so easy for me in leading the small group to know he will be there doing that for me.


Lesson Three:  What not to take for granted.  The final lesson and the one that blew me away was when he had me help him write a letter to our church about how he felt about the youth conference he served in.  You see, Adrian has a learning disability and it’s so hard for him to write a letter by hand.  He can text and type without any problem because the letters are there in front of him, but if he has to write it by hand it’s challenging for him.  I told him it would be easier to email the church instead of writing a letter, the thing that blew me away was what he said next.  He said I would rather hand write it because it’s more meaningful than a email and it’s more of a challenge for me to write it by hand.  He said he wants to see if he could still do it.  What is so hard for him is very easy for me.  I write something down everyday and never really think about someone who might be challenged in writing.


Adrian is a blessing to me and to all around him.  If you spend anytime with him you will see these life lessons in action, he is a good teacher.


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