What Is Your Life Song?

As I was running this morning, I was reminded of all I have been through and the purpose for it all.  What made me start thinking about this is the song Life Song by Casting Crowns.  As I ran I had that song in my ears because it was the next shuffle selection on my Iphone.  It took me 37 years of obesity to learn that God’s purpose in allowing me to be heavy all my life was to become a blessing to other people and to show them that there is another better way to live.  It comes from years of prayer to God saying “please use me some way.”


How God answered that prayer was, “David, when you start loving yourself, like I love you and see yourself the way I see you, I will use you in a mighty way.”  I am now one year out from my two year weight loss journey that was filled with pain, joy, stress, peace, fear and a whole bunch  of other emotions.  Those two years were amazing years of self discovery and learning that the lie that it’s too late to do something was just that, a lie.  It’s never too late to change something in your life.  In fact if you claim Philippians 1:6, that God has begun a good work in you and will finish it till the end of time.  Even though I made the right choices to get healthy, I give God all the credit.  He surrounded me with awesome people like a wife that has stood by me through some real tough and uncertain times.  Who has prayed for me and encouraged me through the whole process.  A nurse that taught me all I know about exercise and nutrition and has become a big sister to me and sill watches out for me.  A personal trainer couple that have taught me how to strengthen myself, not just physically, but emotionally as they go through once again the turmoil of cancer.


The point I am trying to make here is that God does not create failures, losers or anything like that.  We allow ourselves to become that.  God can still work with you and change you if you allow Him to change you.  When you deal with yourself, it won’t be easy.  Know this, that all God wants is the glory.  Let your life song sing to Him and give Him all the glory, that is our calling.  If you are seeking God’s glory in all you do and say, then all the God given dreams you have will become a reality.  Nothing will stop you, but you.  So, what’s your life song and does it sing to Him who wants the glory and deserves all the glory?


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  1. It’s awesome that you realized that you were worth the trouble of getting in better shape. When I lost my 100lbs, I didn’t have the encouragement from people around me the way that you do. It was often difficult to watch others eat helping after helping or go for that bowl of ice cream after dinner, but God saw me through. Sometimes the only thing between me and that ice cream was a prayer. Now that I am almost 3 years out I often look back and see how difficult the journey has been, but I always see the hand of God carrying me through. God doesn’t make junk, I need to love myself the way He loves me!

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